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    Gencoupe Store Gold Engine Rebuild Package: Genesis Coupe 2.0t

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    Exclusive Gencoupe Store engine packages include all the necessary parts to perform a complete rebuild of your Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0t engine.  We know exactly what you need and have created these packages so that its easily purchased in just a few clicks.  Rebuilding an engine is an expensive project so take advantage of the generous package discounts for buying everything all at once. 

    Gold Engine Rebuild Package Contents:

    This package is designed for those who want to push the limits of the Theta engine.  Internal components are good for over 500 wheel horsepower.  Cylinder sleeve reinforcement is highly recommended.  

    • (4) Exceladyne connecting rods

    • (4) Exceladyne forged pistons with rings and wrist pins

    • Custom connecting rod bearings

    • ACL main bearings 

    • OEM Hyundai thrust washers

    • ARP main bolts 

    • OEM Hyundai front main seal

    • OEM Hyundai rear main seal

    • Assembly lubricant

    • Liquid gasket sealant 

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