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    Gencoupe Store Engine Torque Plate: Genesis Coupe 2.0T

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    When boring or honing cylinders its best practice to simulate the load of the cylinder head on the engine block to ensure everything is perfectly straight.  The need for this simulated load is magnified when high tensile strength fasteners (ARP Studs) are used because the additional clamp load provided by the studs can distort the bore when fully installed.  An engine torque plate is used in place of an actual cylinder head so the machining process can be completed while full load is applied to the block and fasteners. 

    Rental Option:

    Purchase price of this item is $399.99.  When the purchase is made you will be sent a torque plate and (10) steel spacers.  This plate may show signs of prior use.  You will have 30 days from the day you receive the shipment to notify us if you intend to rent the plate.  If you choose to the rental option you will have an additional 10 days to return the plate (and 10 spacers) in the same condition it was received.  Once returned we will process a $250 refund on your original purchase.  The buyer is responsible for all shipping, handling, and packaging costs. 

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