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    Gencoupe Store Engine Break-In Kit: Genesis Coupe 2.0t

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    Specifically formulated for newly assembled engines, Driven Oil GP-1 Break-In oil is a top tier choice to ensure your new build is completed properly.  This kit includes 10 quarts of engine oil and 2 OEM Hyundai oil filters. 

    Engine Break In Recommendations

    The topic of engine break in is very subjective.  There are many different schools of thought when it comes to this.  Below are some suggestions based on many years of experience.  

    1.  Make sure your ecu tune is reliable and proper.  Do NOT attempt to break in a new engine on a "start up" or "base" tune.  It is extremely important that air/fuel ratios and ignition timing are correct for this procedure. 

    2.  First fill of the engine should be used for less than 50 miles and 1-2 thermal cycles.  The goal of the first fill is to flush out contaminants and assembly lube.  Start the car and drive conservatively ensuring normal oil and coolant temperature are realized.  Upon completion of this, drain the engine oil and change the filter.  Optionally you can cut open the used filter and inspect for any abnormalities. 

    3.  Second fill of the engine should be used for between 200-300 miles and 5-10 thermal cycles.  During this time you should be loading the engine to varying degrees.  Normal driving with some higher load pulls to ensure the rings are having some cylinder pressure applied.  This can be done on the street or in a controlled environment such as on the dyno. 

    4.  After completing the previous step drain the oil and then proceed to fill with whatever engine oil you plan to use for the duration of this engines life.  There are many quality oils to choose from.  Your application and use will dictate which of these oils is best for your needs. 

    5.  Conduct a cylinder leak down test to ensure sealing of the rings is complete.  You should not see any more than 5-10% leakage in each cylinder.  Each cylinder should be consistent with the others. 

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