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    Exceladyne BT Exhaust Manifold: Genesis Coupe 2.0t

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    Have you been looking a reliable way to make more power with your Genesis Coupe 2.0t? Are bolt on turbos to boring and unable to satisfy your need for speed? Are handmade tubular manifolds too costly for your bank account? If this sounds like some of the thoughts you have been having then the answer to your prayers has finally arrived! 

    Amazing Performance With Rock Solid Reliability

    Made with casting (like OEM products) this manifold is built to last! You will never have to worry about welds cracking, tubes rusting, or flanges warping. It is the ultimate way to upgrade your Genesis Coupe Turbo. This manifold features a universal T-3 turbo flange which is an industry standard and is available on many performance turbochargers from companies such as Garrett, Mitsubishi, and SPA allowing you to choose whichever turbo fits your performance needs and budget. Additionally the external waste gate flange is a universal 2 bolt style that will work with a variety of products from companies such as Tial, Turbonetics, SPA, and Turbosmart. This product was designed from the ground up to provide the flexibility that today’s automotive enthusiasts demand so you can build your car at your own pace with any variety of parts you choose. Its reliable cast design and universal flanges mean this will be the last manifold you will ever need.

    Optional coatings available to maintain you manifold's finish and improve thermal properties:

    Ceramic black coating has an excellent appearance and has minor thermal insulation properties. 

    Insulating bronze coating is applied inside and out of the manifold to ensure maximum thermal energy stays in the exhaust stream and is applied to your turbocharger. 


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