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    Exceladyne BT-400 Turbo Kit: Genesis Coupe 2.0t

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    This is the definitive turbo solution for your Genesis Coupe 2.0t.  If you have all your supporting bolt ons, this kit can be the crown jewel of your car.  Capable of making anywhere between 300 and 500 reliable wheel horsepower this kit includes everything you need.  The quality, fit and finish of this product is unmatched throughout the entire aftermarket performance parts industry.  Everything included with this kit fits exactly like factory.  It can be installed by a novice in less than 8 hours, and less than 6 hours by a professional.  

    When upgrading your turbo on the Genesis Coupe its important to remember what components are restrictions to making more power.  The factory turbo components are sized for immediate response and instant torque.  Unfortunately, when you try and push the power levels past 300 wheel horsepower they become massive restrictions.  All Exceladyne Big Turbo Kits include a high flow exhaust manifold and turbine housing that uncork the exhaust and allow the engine to breathe at increased power levels.  The parts included in this kit will make substantially more power than any bolt on style turbo available.  All kits are setup for 15lbs of boost pressure which is the safe limit of the factory engine components.  However when you are ready for more just add the boost controller of your liking and turn up the power.  

    As an option you can have the exhaust manifold ceramic coated a black color which enhances the underhood appearance.  

    As with all our Exceladyne products this kit has been tested in a variety of environments including daily use, drag racing, and road courses.  We take the quality of our products very seriously and expect nothing but the best.  

    Included Components:

    • Exceladyne Cast Exhaust Manifold 
    • Custom Specification Turbonetics Turbocharger 
    • Exhaust adaptor that allows turbo to bolt directly to factory style exhaust
    • Oil feed and return lines
    • Tial 38mm wastegate
    • 304 SS wastegate dump tube
    • Stage 8 locking hardware for turbocharger and wastegate
    • Custom built intake system
    • Valve cover and fuse box heat shields
    • Optional BK1 O2 housing (required for bolt on BK2 fitment)
    Required supporting modifications:
    • Turbo back exhaust system
    • Quality intercooler system
    • Power appropriate fuel system
    • Quality tuning solution
    What you can expect with this kit:
    • Perfect fitment and easy installation
    • Long term reliability 
    • Adjustable power between 300 and 500 wheel horsepower depending on fuel
    • An unbelievable driving experience that you will enjoy every day

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    • 5
      Big Turbo Goodness

      Posted by Robert Seale on Mar 7th 2014

      First off, I would just like to thank Tim for outstanding support. I came across the Exceladyne BT kit via a round about source from a guy who bought it from a guy who bought it from Beyond Redline. Needless to say, not all the pieces parts were passed on; yet, the folks at BR helped me round out the kit, provided assistance with my install, and offered tuning tips to safely pull the most power that I could out of this kit on my stock engine. The results of the dyno were 355 whp and 304 ft/lbs torque @ 21 PSI. This kit has far more potential that I will be pulling out of it after I build my engine to handle the additional torque. In the meantime, the turbo is perfectly matched for the Genesis Coupe's 2.0T engine. Spool to full boost occurs at 3400 RPM and comes on very smoothly. The overall quality of the kit is very much OEM quality. Installation took 8 hours from start to finish in my garage with no special tools needed. Overall, this is by far the best modification that I have done to my coupe since I purchased it 2 years ago and would do it again in a heartbeat!