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    Valeo Clutch Kit: Genesis Coupe 3.8 BK2

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    Coupe Cash Rewards: Earn $ 4 Toward Next Purchase!

    The Valeo HD Clutch Kit for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe is the easiest and lowest cost solution to replace your worn out factory clutch.  This kit will fit on the 2013-2016 model year Genesis Coupe 3.8.    It features silky smooth engagement and will hold in excess of 375 Ft Lbs of torque. 

    The kit is sold modular style so you can choose which components you need.  The base product includes the pressure plate, friction disc, and clutch alignment tool.  You can add the hydraulic slave cylinder, a brand new dual mass flywheel, and/or a stainless steel clutch line.  It's important to check the condition of your slave cylinder as it incorporates the clutch throw out bearing which can wear out.  Replacing the bearing is very easy when your servicing the clutch so don't miss you opportunity to do some additional maintenance while everything is apart. 

    All combinations of this kit include FREE U.S. Shipping and qualify for Coupe Cash Rewards towards future purchases. 

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