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    Sideways Guru Fuel Injector Set: Genesis Coupe 2.0t BK1

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    The Sideways Guru fuel injector set is a cost effective way to increase your engine's fuel flow and maximum horsepower potential.  All Sideways Guru Fuel Injectors are built from OEM core bodies that have been inspected, cleaned, modified and flow tested.  All sets are flow matched within 2% of each other.  A complete sheet of actual flow data is included.  These injectors will support between 300-330 wheel horsepower.  Available outright without a core charge, but you can opt to save $30 by sending your existing injectors in for credit before or after the sale.


    Product Core Option:  Please select if you plan to send your OEM parts into our facility in advance of your item shipping, if you plan to send your OEM parts after you receive the new item, or if you plan to keep your OEM parts.  Core charges will be refunded within 5 days of receipt. 

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