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    OEM Hyundai Engine Rebuild Gasket Set: Genesis Coupe 2.0t

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    This is a complete set of gaskets needed for an engine rebuild or overhaul. All gaskets are genuine OEM Hyundai parts. 

    The following gaskets are included in this kit:

    • Cylinder head gasket  (22311-2c000)
    • Intake manifold gasket  (28411-2c000)
    • Exhaust manifold gasket  (28521-2c400)
    • Water pump gasket  (25130-2c400)
    • Thermostat housing gasket  (25640-2c000)
    • Valve cover gasket  BK1 (224411-cg000) or BK2 (22441-2g100)
    • Oil Filter Bracket Gasket (21524-2c200)
    • Rear main seal  (21443-2g000)
    • Crankshaft seal (21421-2g100)
    • Oil filler cap seal (26502-22600)
    • ISC motor seal (35156-25000)
    • Throttle body gasket (35101-25200)
    • (16) Engine valve seals (22224-2g000)
    • Misc o-rings and seals

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