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    Gencoupe Store Return Fuel Line Kit: Genesis Coupe

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    This complete line kit is everything you need for a successful installation of our Gencoupe Store Big Fuel Pump Module.   The lines and fittings included with this product are designed to be used with our products only, however you may be able to use them with other combinations as well.    Please review the detailed list below of the contents included.  We will not offer any technical support for using this kit in a DIY application. 

    • -6AN Braided stainless fuel feel line from fuel pump outlet to fuel filter inlet
    • -Aluminum filter housing with 100 micron stainless steel filter and custom mounting bracket
    • -6AN Black nylon sheathed fuel line from fuel filter to fuel rail
    •  Appropriate fitting for fuel rail inlet and outlet (your choice of stock fuel rail or Gencoupe Store Billet Aluminum Rail)  .
    • -6AN Black nylon sheathed fuel line from fuel rail to fuel pressure regulator
    •  Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator with custom mounting bracket
    • -6AN Black nylon sheathed fuel line from fuel pressure regulator to OEM fuel feed line (the OE feed line is repurposed as the return line) 
    •  (OPTIONAL) Ethanol content sensor, lines and fittings to allow for easy installation of a true flex fuel system

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