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    Exceladyne Billet Subframe Inserts: Genesis Coupe

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    These 100% Billet Machined Aluminum rear subframe inserts not only center the frame on the unibody (much like a rigid subframe collar) but also provides a dramatic increase in handling.  By filling the gap in the OEM rubber bushings we are stiffening up the entire chassis.  Less travel in the rear suspension allows for a much more direct and planted feel while driving.  This translates into better power transfer to the rear tires which aids in traction as well as cornering. 

    When the Hyundai Genesis Coupe was developed the engineers weren't quite sure what market segment they were targeting.  Was it a sports car, a luxury car, or somewhere in between?  The end result was a fun, balanced 2 door sports coupe that ended up with a sporty ride quality.  However, the OEM rubber bushings have a tendency to loosen up as they age.  What starts off as a reasonably firm ride quality from the factory will (with time and mileage) quickly deteriorate into a loose and vague feeling on the road. 

    Replacing the rear subframe bushings is a monumental task that requires a massive investment of time and effort.  Not just removing the frame from the chassis, but also taking out the factory press fit bushings takes hours of time and specialty tools. 

    These inserts can be installed in your home garage with basic tools in less than 30 min.  Its as simple as raising the rear of the car, removing a fastener, placing the insert into the rubber bushing, re-installing the fastener, and then torquing it.  The precision machined insert fills in the gaps between the OEM bushing and provides an instantly noticeable increase in ride quality, firmness, and handling.  The improvement is dramatic and if you use your car for any competitive events these are an absolute GAMECHANGER modification. 

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