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    Dynojet CMD Air-Fuel Ratio Controller: Genesis Coupe 2.0t BK1

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    The Dynojet CMD Air/Fuel Ratio controller is an excellent tuning tool for mildly modified Genesis Coupe 2.0t models.  When used properly you can easily adjust your Air/Fuel ratio to compensate for increased boost as well as intake/exhaust modifications.  Install is incredibly simple and requires no special tools or skills.  In addition to AFR changes you can also use this device as a TPS referenced electronic boost controller.  Because of its advanced mapping capability you now have the ultimate in boost control for turbo's of any size.  This product works best when used with a re-flashed ECU.  For more information regarding our ECU Reflash Service please visit this link.     ECU Reflash Service

    Key Features:  

    • 3-D Air Fuel Ratio Adjustments
    • 3-D Boost Control Mapping (Perfect for small turbochargers to prevent part throttle overboost conditions)
    • Global injector pulse width modifier for using larger than factory injectors
    • Easy plug/play installation
    • Intuitive software that is easy to use 

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